I am having lunch at home with my wife and my two SIL, Adya & Bera. We are planning our vacation & also to attend their Mom's Clan grand reunion.

Adya: My husband can't join us.

Bera: My husband too, can't come, but he is giving me an unlimited budget.

Didi: So, I am the only one with a partner, this is it, I am ready to share my husband, but you can only fuck him in front of me.

Adya & Bera: Thank you, sister, let's go to your bedroom now.

Didi: Not now, in Hawaii!

Bera: I too call Mom, we need her help

Me: Did I say yes?

Didi: Babe, you have to boss me & my Mom, we don't ask, we tell, we both own you.

Adya: I am excited, see my vagina is already wet!

Bera: Mom agreed to take care of our kids when we all go to Maui, but with one condition, she wants to spend time with her favorite son-in-law for a week.

Adya & Didi: That's it?

Bera: I will make our travel reservations.

Adya & Didi: We will be the ones paying for our food & other miscellaneous expenses.

Me: I will provide my sperm for everyone.

Adya, Didi, & Bera: We will make sure you're healthy & fit, especially you will be with our Mom for a week, she will get mad at us three if we you don't have any stamina left for her.

Adya: Let's go we will be late for our appointment at the beauty salon.

Didi: Shit! we almost forget, babe please don't smoke around the kids.

The three left me to babysit, that's fine I will just watch sports on the TV & bring the kids to the park later.

There are no good games on TV so I just brought the kids here to the park, I let them play with kids the same age as them. This will help them get tired and sleep well tonight.

As I am watching the kids play, I received a call from my wife, she told me don't bother to cook dinner, they will pick up dinner on the way home.

When the kids & I got home from the park, I bathed them and feed them after. They all look tired, that's why they never had a tantrum when I placed each of them in their cribs and their bottle of milk and left them.

I went to have a beer & smoke in our backyard gazebo. I received a text from my wife, they were on the way home they will just pick up the Chinese food they order for our dinner.

They arrived home and they told me to set up the kitchen bar they will just change into comfortable clothes and we will eat dinner.

Adya, Didi & Bera: Wow! all the kids are asleep.

Me: I brought them to the park, they have too much fun.

Didi: Good job babe, you get a prize from me tonight.

Adya & Bera: Why not all of us give him a prize.

Didi: Nice try as I said it will happen in Maui.

After we are done with dinner, I went to the gazebo to smoke, Adya joined me. She sits beside me and starts to rub my penis.

Adya: Babe, I miss this, it's been more than three months since the last time I taste it.

Me: Stop my wife might see us. Wait for me later in your room.

Adya: Ok, babe, let me kiss it quick.

Adya, kiss my penis and we both went back inside the house. Bera & my wife are done cleaning the kitchen bar & have put away the leftover food.

Didi: I am tired, I am going to bed need to be at work tomorrow. Babe comes with me I need to bathe me.

Adya & Bera: Goodnight sis.

I lit up candles inside the shower room. I apply soap on my palms, I

cup her breasts from behind while kissing her on her neck. then gently run my hand around her entire breast to arouse her more. Then I gently press on the nipple using my index finger and massage in a circular motion to harden them. Then my wife grabs one of my hands and places it on top of her vagina.

I massage her vagina's outer lips to give the lips a little attention I take a long vertical strokes along the vaginal opening, Then I massage down the crease between her butt and thighs and make my way back up towards her clitoris. At the same time I am rubbing my penis in between her butt crack. Her moaning starts to get loud.

Didi: Babe, I am ready, take a sit on our shower lounge chair.

After I sat down on our shower lounge chair she sits on r lap, it seems like she is giving me a dance. She grabs my erect penis and slowly inserts it inside her vagina.

Then I reach around to play with her nipples and her clitoris. She starts to bounce up & down my lap thrusting up and down the penis

Didi: It feels good babe, cum inside me, make me pregnant again, Ummmmmm!!, I am coming, cum same time with me, please, BABE!!

Both of us are breathing fast and our hearts beating is faster than normal. I grab her hips so I can bounce her on top of me much faster and I can have my penis goes in deeper inside her vagina.

Finally, we cum at the same time.

Didi: Shit! I can feel that you hit the bullseye, it seems like your sperm went all the way inside my womb. Thank you, babe, I will sleep well., but..,

When she saw that my penis is still hard she grabs it and starts to lick circle the head of his penis with the tip of her tongue. Then inserts my penis inside her mouth and her mouth goes up and down my penis quickly. It did take that long and because of the sexual pleasure she is giving me, I cum again and she swallows all of it. After we finish taking a bath we went to bed.

When I woke up the next day my wife is already gone to work. She writes a message on our bathroom vanity mirror using her lipstick. "See you tonight, babe, thank you for wonderful full sex last night, I love you".

I went to the kitchen to brew a coffee and have a smoke, I do that before I get ready to go to work. When I got to the kitchen, Adya is there and she looks mad:

Adya: Fuck you, I waited for you inside my room last night.

Me: I am sorry, gets tired after your sister fuck me.

Then she removes her bathrobe and grabs my penis and she kneels in front of me and starts licking the head of my penis, then she spits her saliva on her palm and places it on her nipples, then she circles the tip of my penis head on her the tip of her nipples all around the nipple-areola.

My penis starts to gets hard:

Adya: You love it, baby, I know you missed my beautiful firm breasts.

Me: Yes! I missed the way you rub and playing my penis on your nipples.

When my penis Adya that my penis is fully erect, she stands up bend over, and rests her hands on the edge of the kitchen bar. Then I penetrate her vagina from behind.

She is keeping her legs together so that they will be a little bit tighter since she is used to a bigger penis than mine.

As I thrust my penis in & out and as deep it can go inside her vagina, I am rubbing her clitoris in a circular motion between my fingers, like wadding up a piece of gum.

She starts to moan much louder and she is grinding her butt in a circular motion going sideways, upward, and downward, She is getting wild, trying to synchronize with my thrusting motion.

Finally I feel her vagina's inner lips tighten and I feel the warm nectar juice from her vagina flowing on my legs and in a. matter of seconds I also cum inside her vagina.

She quickly stands up and pushes me lightly so that she can turn around and kneel in front of me and inserts my penis inside her mouth, she moves her mouth forward and backward on my penis shaft as fast and she can. I let go of my sperm inside her mouth, she swallows all of it.

We rested for a while and I start to get ready to go to work, while she prepares. us a breakfast.

When I arrived at work my secretary told me that my SIL, Bera is waiting inside my office.

Me: Good morning Bera.

She did not say a word instead she kneels in front of me opens the fly of my pants, grabs my penis, and starts circling her tongue on my penis head.

Me: Stop, let's go to my private lounge, I have a daybed in there.

We went inside my private lounge and we both undress. Then she sits on the edge of the daybed, she bends her arm in the elbow and takes it behind, and tilted her body back. One of her legs touches the floor with tiptoes. The other is bent at the knee and lifted upwards she puts her raised leg on my back and she starts to stimulates her clitoris with her fingers.Then I kneels between her llegs and leans my body forward to her crotch.

Then I slowly run the tip of my tongue along her vagina's outer lips layers. While two of my fingers are exploring inside her vagina and my other hand is massages her breast. As her fingers continue rubbing her clitoris.

Bera starts to get more sexually excited, I have to cover her mouth. She just squirts on my face.

Bera: Please, Daddy insert your penis inside my vagina, I want it so badly, cum inside me.

She lay on the daybed on her back, then I kneel in front of her, she rest her legs on each of my shoulder, then I inserts my penis inside her vagina.

I slowly thrust my penis in & out of her vagina, it gets me more sexually excited as I watch her big breast bouncing up & down, side to side as I thrust.

Bera: Please thrust your penis harder, faster & deeper, Make me cum, Daddy! I can feel your about to cum, your penis is getting bigger, yes I am coming at the same time with you.

I increase my thrusting speed, I can tell that Bera is coming because I can feel the contractions in her vagina, her pelvic lifting and her heartbeat is getting faster, she is moaning loud.

We are talking dirty to each other, our her body is twitching as I continue to thrust her faster, harder, and deeper.

The sexual tension that builds between the two of us is the one that's lead us to have an orgasm at the same time. Both of us reach the climax of our sexual desire for each other.

Bear: That's was exciting, my parents spoiled you to have an office like this.

Me: Nope, I just inherited this office from your dad.

Bera: You think my Mom & Dad have sec here too,

Me: Nope, your Mom tried it but your Dad does not want to, so she full fill her that sex fantasy with me. You're the third one I have sex in here. My wife was the first one, on my first day taking over this office.

Bera: This will not be our first here, I guarantee you that.

to be continued...












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