Patient Narrative - Christina Melendez - entry seven: A naughty girl and a lover's spanking

By pure good luck my parents had planned their trip so they left the house Sunday morning. The moment they were out the door I took off my clothes. I put them in the washing machine and promised myself I would not be getting dressed until I had to go to school. I went for a swim in the pool and relaxed for a bit in one of the new pool chairs. When was getting ready to go back inside, I realized that the pool house blocked the neighbors' view of most of the back yard. That meant I could now do yoga and practice my Taekwondo moves outside, in the nude. I set up a exercise mat and spent a half-hour doing Taekwondo. When I finished off with yoga, the feeling of the hot sun shining on my exposed vulva and stretched bottom felt awesome. I realized I was now a dedicated nudist. There was no going back. As much as possible, I would be naked, which meant that my days of wearing clothing around the house had ended.

I felt really great, and the best part of the day was yet to come. I knew that Yvonne got off work Sunday afternoon. I could have just texted her and told her to come over, but I wanted to make it special for her. So, I started cooking a meal of chicken breasts with wine sauce and rice. Before putting the chicken in the oven, I set my phone to take a picture of me in the kitchen. I was naked, smiling, and holding dinner. I typed:

"I'm getting dinner ready. Looks like it will be too much for me to finish by myself. So how about coming over and helping me eat all this?"

A few minutes later, several rows of smiling emojis lit up my phone.


Yvonne showed up the way she normally did after she got off work. She was wearing her usual tight shorts and sweatshirt and smelled of incense and scented oil. She was tired and hungry, and stressed.

I had been naked ever since my parents left earlier in the day, so I was appropriately undressed when Yvonne came through the door. She hugged and kissed me passionately, with a possessive desperation that was a bit unsettling. Yes, I definitely belonged to her. As soon as she calmed down, I smiled and tugged at her sweatshirt.

"You're in a nudist house. So, you gotta be a nudist guest. Fair's fair."

She responded by kissing me and going to the laundry room. She stripped and dumped her backpack, plus what she was wearing, into the washing machine.

As soon as she was appropriately naked, I knew that my first priority was getting her into the kitchen and giving her dinner. I had put some effort into the meal I had prepared for us, and she realized that as soon as she saw her plate. She was clearly grateful.

There was an awkward silence, which I filled by talking about my parents' travel plans.

"How long do you think they're gonna be gone this time?"

"Not sure. It'll be two weeks minimum. Hopefully longer. So, are you staying?"

"Do you want me to?"

"What kinda question is that? Yeah I want you to stay. It's all I've been thinking about. I've been missing you so bad."

When we finished dinner, she insisted on helping me clear the table and clean up. Then she turned and hugged me. She backed away slightly and ran her fingertip over my nipple.

"So, naughty girl, you ready for the hot tub?"

"Not yet. There's something else. The surprise I was telling you about."

We went out the back door and she was stunned when she saw the pool house.

"Your folks built a pool? Just like that?"

"Yeah, just like that. That's just... how they are. If Mom wants something, Dad gets it for her. Then she never uses it."

It was so nice to relax with her. We challenged each other to see who could swim the fastest, and who could hold her breath under water longest, and who could do a handstand in the shallowest section. The bet was that the winner bent over the edge of the pool and the loser had to kiss her ass. I had more experience swimming than she did, so I won. And she paid up nicely. Each time she lost, she spent several minutes sensuously caressing and kissing my bottom.

We grabbed our cell phones and took several pictures of each other in the pool area. We realized it was the perfect place to get some really nice photos of each other, and I mentioned that my mom had several expensive cameras that we could bring into the pool house. She was totally enthusiastic about that idea.

We moved from the pool to the hot tub, then from the hot tub to my bed. I had been looking forward to a massage from her, but she passed out right after we made love, and I knew she was done for the night. I also figured that would be one night there would be no streaking adventure because she was too tired.

I disengaged myself from her arms as soon as her breathing changed. I sat up and studied her slender figure and sleeping face, which looked younger and much more helpless than when she was awake.

It's weird. Who would have thought? I'm in a real relationship with her. I wonder what kind of future we'll have. What kind of partnership we'll have. But the one thing I do know is that I feel much more alive when I'm with her than with anyone else. And I know that I have learned so much, about life, but also about myself since we've been together.

I wonder what my parents will say, when I introduce her. I wonder what I'll say. I'm guessing they won't be too happy, but that's just too bad. We're together.


Yvonne and I did our usual thing the following week. She stayed with me Sunday through Wednesday. We made love, she massaged me, we swam in the pool, and we took a lot of pictures of each other. I even taught Yvonne some of the basics of yoga, and we practiced together next to the pool house. And, as usual, she was gone during her working schedule from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

I took advantage of her being absent to work on assignments, and also to enjoy being nude alone around my house. I became more dedicated to doing yoga and practicing Taekwondo moves in the afternoons, spending hours on my mat with the early fall sun shining on my body. I had an even tan without a hint of swimsuit lines. And I laughed at the expression "where the sun don't shine". There was no such place on my body. When I stretched, I tried to have my bottom facing in the direction of the sun, precisely because having the sun shining there felt so good.

I left the house Saturday afternoon to go out with my group, more to keep up appearances than anything else. I no longer really enjoyed being with them and became more aloof as a result. Oddly enough, precisely because I was wasn't desperate to "fit in" and made it clear that I didn't "need" to be with them, they were somewhat nicer to me. Earlier in the year, when I was so desperate to be accepted, they tolerated me but also bullied me. That was over. I could take them or leave them, and they realized that. What was odd was that we never had any conversations over how I treated the other members of my clique and they treated me. It was the sort of thing that just happened, with no explanation.


Other people, especially ones you deeply care about, always have surprises. Things in their secret fantasies are never exactly how you imagine. Sometimes that's a bad thing, sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes it's neither good nor bad; just plain weird.

That certainly was how things were with Yvonne. She had a hidden side that I never would have expected from her, and I'm not talking about the streaking. It was something that surprised me a lot more.

As I became more committed to her, one thing I was wondering was when Yvonne would start spanking me. I took it for granted that was destined to happen at some point, because she seemed to be dropping so many hints. She dominated me during sex, controlled my body with her touches, took the lead on what we did outside, and was quietly bossy. I knew that's just the way she was and it didn't bother me. She was also very protective, which I found reassuring.

One of the details that really made me think she would eventually start spanking me came during our streaking runs. Whenever we were stopped, she always had her hand on my ass, and always slapped it when she wanted me to take off, especially if she wanted me to run ahead of her. It seemed natural enough that those slaps were her way of testing me to see if I'd submit to a real spanking.

Anyhow, she totally was fascinated with my bottom. During massages she spent more time and attention massaging my ass than any other part of me. If I was completely cleaned up, she loved to kiss me between my bottom-cheeks and roll her tongue around my sphincter. There were times, when we were in the living room just listening to music or relaxing, she'd get me to lie over her lap and spend a long time admiring and caressing my bottom. She definitely knew how to relax me or stimulate me, just by moving her hands over my backside. When I was over her lap, I felt totally submissive. I knew that having her go from caressing my bottom to slapping my bottom would not be a big leap. And, I was open to the idea of having spanking become part of our relationship, as long as she stuck to using her hand.

It turned out I was right about the spanking fantasy, but I was totally wrong about what exactly she had in mind.


Sunday afternoon Yvonne returned to my house tired, but not nearly as wiped out as she had been the week before. It was clear she was in a playful mood and that she wanted to go streaking.

"So where are we going?"

"There's a church about halfway between here and the Eastwood parkway. I've been wanting to check out that area for a while. So, tonight we're going over there."

"Uh, you mean the old Heart of Santa Eduviges church?"

"Yeah, that one. Looks kinda interesting, so I wanna see it."

When she explained what we were going to do, I was worried. It was to be one of Yvonne's most ambitious streaking runs and certainly the most ambitious she had ever attempted with me. It was about a four-mile run from my house to where the church was located, in a straight line. In reality the route was longer than that, about six miles each way. Six miles, each way, plus whatever she was planning to do at the church.

I had to hand it to her when we actually made the trip to the church. We ran about two-thirds the way and walked the other third, so I wouldn't get too tired to make the trip back. She knew several hidden paths and back alleys that kept us hidden. Some of those places scared the shit out of me, but somehow Yvonne had picked the route that kept us out of trouble.

About 90 minutes after we started, we made it to the church. Yvonne told me to crouch around the corner of the building while she crept up to the front door. Then I saw something I couldn't believe. Yvonne typed a security code into the door panel. The light went from red to green, there was a faint beep, and the door unlocked! She somehow had gotten the entrance code that opened the main door and deactivated the alarm.

When the doors opened, she poked her head inside and waved at me to go in with her. I couldn't believe it. We were breaking into and entering a church!

She handed me her cell phone and told me to take a bunch of pictures of her while she danced around. She ran up to the altar and struck several seductive poses. My hands were shaking, but I managed to steady myself to get her cell phone camera to take the shots she wanted. I knew better than to argue, because that would only piss her off and make her stay longer.

I was totally scared and just wanted to get the fuck out of the building. Yvonne picked up on that and, instead of moving back towards the door, she started teasing me. Then she bent over the altar and wiggled her butt.

"Yvonne... come on... enough! We need to get out of here!"

"Not till you kiss my ass... hmmm?"

"I'm not gonna kiss your ass! I'm gonna slap your ass! That's what I'm gonna do if you don't get up!"

She smiled. It was a very strange smile, seductive and mischievous at the same time.

"Hmmmm... So, is that a threat, or is that a promise?"


"...'cause you know I get pissed when people break their promises."

"Seriously! I mean it! Let's go!"

"And what about your promise?"

"What promise?"

"The promise you just made."

"What promise? To slap your ass?"


"Fine! If that's what you want, I'll smack the shit out of your ass when we get home! Now let's go!"

I didn't realize at the moment she was dead serious. I still thought she was just playing around.

We made it out of the building and off the property just in time, just as we were about to run around the corner, a spotlight shined on the church door, which Yvonne had left open.

The trip back to the house was almost as stressful as being inside the church. Yvonne made me take pictures and video of her dancing about, in places that were too lit up for my comfort. She wiggled her butt seductively. I was thinking, WTF? She's never behaved like this before. I was so pissed at her and thinking: OK, that's it for streaking. If this is the way she's gonna be, I'm not doing this anymore.

When we got back to my house, I managed to calm myself down. We decided to relax in the pool before rinsing off and going to bed. We got out of the and relaxed a bit on the deck. And, that was when my relationship with Yvonne changed in a way I could never have expected.

Usually when we were relaxing together next to the pool, Yvonne liked me to lie on my stomach so she could run her fingers over my bottom. But that night, she got on her stomach and invited me to caress her butt. Her bottom was thinner than mine, and much more muscular. Touching her fascinated me. She wiggled her bottom and giggled.

"I still think it's kinda funny how scared you got in the church."

"Yeah. That was a whole new level of risk! We almost got arrested for breaking and entering. Do you realize what a close call that was? Had they come up to that door 30 seconds earlier, we would've been trapped. We wouldn't have gotten away."

"So, I bet you thought that was a naughty thing, what we did?"

"Naughty? I guess you could call it that."

"Maybe I was being the naughty one. And maybe you oughta keep your promise."

My promise? When she wiggled her butt again, I suddenly realized what she meant, and what she wanted me to do. My heart jumped into my throat and I couldn't speak for a moment. Finally I managed to respond.

"You... were naughty. Completely naughty. I... I guess we're gonna have to deal with that."

I slapped her lightly on her bottom. She giggled and wiggled her backside. I slapped her again, a bit harder.

Then I stood up, took her hand, and led her to the living room. For the very first time in our relationship, she let me take the lead.

I sat down and pulled her across my lap. I slapped her bottom a few times with moderately hard slaps. I shuddered when I remembered that spotlight hitting the front door of that church, with us crouching less than half a block away. I gave her an extra hard slap.

"I am so mad at you. That's no lie. Tonight I'm really pissed."

"Then prove it. If you're so mad at me, prove it. You got my bare ass right in front of you. Prove it."

I was stunned. So that's what her crazy stunt was all about. All along she wanted me to spank her, and wanted to make me pissed enough to do it. I slapped her a couple more times.

"If you wanted a spanking, why didn't you say something? All you would have had to do was tell me. You didn't have to risk..."

"But you said you're mad. And I think you're shittin' me. I dare you to prove it."

What she wanted was to be spanked out of anger. To actually be punished, and for me to punish her. OK, Yvonne, you asked for it:

"Then you'd better not try to move."

"I'm not gonna move. I wanna see how mad you really are."

I spanked her as hard as I could. I slapped her skinny backside over and over: left-right, left-right. She folded her arms and lay quietly, barely reacting to what I was doing to her. That pissed me off even more than her stupidity at the church. So I kept going, hitting her bottom even harder. The color of her skin changed from brown to a dark shade of purple.

My arm was getting sore and my hand actually hurt from my efforts against Yvonne's bottom, but I was determined to continue until I got some sort of reaction out of her. And finally, I did. She started trembling and I could smell a whiff of orgasm. I was curious, so I slipped my fingers between her thighs. She was totally wet. I started teasing her and gently touching her vulva.

"You know you don't deserve this. You know it, right?"

"Ohhh... I'm a bad girl... please..."

I continued touching her with my fingertips as her hips moved about on my lap. She was losing control of herself and moaning shamelessly. Finally, she climaxed and my fingers became a lot wetter. I was still dumbfounded by what was going on, and I wondered: is Yvonne's bossiness a total lie? Does she secretly want to be submissive?,,,9745137&pg=3#9745137


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